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1. A: I wonder if Ann will come. It’s 8:30 now and she was supposed to come at 8:00.

B: ____________

A. She assured me she would start at 7:30. Maybe she had been held up by the traffic.

B. You shouldn’t be wondering. I believe she won’t come.

C. Don’t worry. Let’s wait here until she comes.

D. Yes. I do agree with you.

2. A: I’ve just heard that the tickets for the new movie have been sold out!

B: Oh, no! ___________

A. It doesn’t matter. B. It’s not at all interesting.

C. I was looking forward to it. D. I knew it already.

3. A: Thanks to John, we’ve lost our most important client.

B: I’ve told you he’s not proper for the position.


A. I don’t really agree with you

B. I should have listened to you

C. It doesn’t matter. I trust him

D. Thank you for being so helpful


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