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211. The news came ______ the British Queen Mother celebrated her 101 at birthday gets good health ______ isn’t surprising because she lives an lives easy life and gets the best medical care.

A. that; which  B. which; which  C. that; that  D. when; a

212. The writer has written  quite a few books now, ______ his teachers and parents didn’t expect.

A. that    B. as   C. of which  D. which

213. Carol said that the work would be well done by the end of October, ______ personally I wondered completely.

A. which   B. at which  C. in which  D. about which

214. As a teacher, I seldom give my students so difficult a problem ______ they can not work out.

A. that    B. if    C. in order that  D. as

215. Living in the central Australian desert has its problems, ______ setting water is not the least.

A. as    B. for what  C. of which  D. whose

216. Do you think the reason ______ he gave is believable?

A. for which  B. which   C. why   D. what

217. Whenever I met her, ______ was fairly often, I liked her sweet and hopeful smile.

A. what    B. which   C. when   D. that

218. There are hundreds of islands ______ the coast Fujian, the biggest of ______ is not far from the main land.

A. on; which  B. off; them  C. off; which  D. on; them

219. Living in the central Australian desert has its problems , ______ obtaining water is not the least.

A. for which  B. to which  C. of which  D. in which

220. Such things ______ you described are rare now.

A. as     B. who   C. that   D. which

答案: 211-215 ADBDC     216-220 BBCCA

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