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201. “Who Moved My Cheese ?”, ______ is a best -selling book , is written by Spencer Johnson.

A. which           B. that          C. it            D. what

202. Helen is much more kind to her youngest child than go the others, ______ , of course the others unhappy.

A. who          B. which        C. she           D. that

203. The wrong you’ve done him is terrible, for ______ you should make an apology to him, I think.

A. this            B. which        C. what          D. that

204. The old lady, ______ had been killed in the war, was given help by the local government.

A. all her children                   B. all of her children

C. all of whose children               D. whose all children

205. The hours ______ the children spend in their one – way relationship with television people undoubtedly affect their relationships with real- life people.

A. that           B. when        C. in which       D. on which

206. Beijing government puts more than 700 million yuan to increase its green space this year, ______ doubles the money provided last year.

A. as            B. while         C. that           D. which

207. -Do you have anything in mind ______ you’d like for supper?

-Well, ______ is okay with me.

A. that; anything                    B. which; everything

C. what; whatever                    D. where; something

208. The British are not so familiar with different cultures and other ways of doing things, ______ is often the case in other countries.

A. as             B. that          C. so            D. it

209. Sometimes the earthquake is so violent that it can destroy the whole city ______ happened in Tangshan, in 1976.

A. as              B. that           C. where         D. like

210. Recently my father bought a Chinese painting, ______ was very reasonable.

A. the price of whose              B. which price

C. the price of which                 D. it price

答案解析:201-205 ABBCA     206-210 DAAAC

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