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131. We will be shown around the city: schools, museums, and some other places, ______ other visitors seldom go.

A. what   B. which   C. where   D. when

132. Alec asked the policeman ______ he worked to contact him whenever there was an accident.

A. with him   B. who   C. with whom  D. whom

133. He made another wonderful discovery, ______ of great importance to science.

A. which I think is     B. which I think it is

C. which I think it     D. I think which is

134. Then the great day came ______ he was to march past the palace in the parade.

A. where   B. since   C. when   D. till

135. -I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week.

-Is that the reason ______ you had a few days off?

A. why    B. when   C. what   D. where

136. -I can’t find Mr. Liu. Where did you meet him this morning ?

–It was in the hotel ______ he stayed .

A. that      B. which     C. carry out    D. where

137. The gentleman ______ you told me yesterday proved to be a thief.

A. who    B. about whom  C. whom   D. with whom

138. The result of the experiment was very good, ______ we hadn’t expected.

A. when   B. that           C. which   D. what

139. I shall never forget those years ______ I lived in the country with the farmer, ______ has a great effect on my life.

A. that; which  B. when; which   C. when; who  D. which; that

140. After living in Paris for fifty years, he returned to the small town ______ he grew up as a child.

A. which   B. where      C. that   D. when

答案:131-135 CCACA     136-140 DBCBB

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