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61. The girl ______ aunt is a famous singer is fond of music.

A. who          B. whom        C. that           D. whose

62. The skirt is Ann’s, ______ color is blue.

A. it’s            B. whose         C. who’s        D. that

63. The washing machine ______ last Wednesday works well.

A. I bought        B. I bought it      C. which I buy    D. that I bought it

64. The college students asked the soldier everything ______ he saw at the front.

A. that             B. which         C. what          D. all what

65. Last year we visited the Summer Palace, ______ is one of the most beautiful places in Beijing.

A. where          B. which         C. in which      D. that

66. Shanghai is the very place ______ the foreigners are eager to visit.

A. where          B. in which       C. that           D. whose

67. The doctor ______ is going to Europe next year.

A. which the manager is talking to     B. who the manager is talking

C. the manager is talking to him         D. the manager is talking to

68. Do you have anything ______ I can do for you?

A. which          B. what          C. else          D. when

69. All ______ you must do now is to lend us ten dollars, because we haven’t brought any money with us at the moment.

A. that             B. what          C. which          D. things

70. Those are model workers, some ______ are young fellows.

A. of that         B. of whom       C. of who       D. of whose

答案:61-65  DBAAB     66-70  CDCAB

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