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51. She showed me the dictionary ______ she paid a lot of money.

A. by which        B. to which       C. for which      D. on which

52. Abraham Lincoln is a man ______ I have the greatest respect.

A. who         B. to whom      C. whom         D. for whom

53. Edison had one suit ______ very little money, and which he wore until it was thin.

A. which cost      B. which costs    C. which was cost  D. which has costed

54. The people ______ in the paper did not like it, but other readers liked it very much.

A. who was written            B. who were written

C. who were written about       D. whom were written about

55. Finally, the thief handed everything ______ he had stolen to the police.

A. which          B. what         C. whatever      D. that

56. His parents wouldn’t let him marry anyone ______ family was poor.

A. of whom         B. whom         C. of whose      D. whose

57. Mayor will make an inspection of our school on Monday, ______ you can tell him how hard the situation we are in.

A. where         B. which         C. when          D. that

58. I’ll show you the magazine ______ I bought the other day.

A. who           B. that         C. what         D. where

59. The person ______ talking to the shop assistant is an engineer.

A. who is         B. what is        C. whom is       D. who you are

60. That is the office ______ Lincoln once worked in.

A. where          B. which         C. what          D. in which

答案: 51-55  CDACD     56-60  DCBAB

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