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21. We often think of the days ______ we spent together on the island.

A. when           B. which        C. in which       D. during which

22. Have you ever been to Shanghai, ______ I left ten years ago?

A. where          B. which         C. that        D. when

23. He has left Beijing, ______ a meeting is to be held.

A. when          B. where        C. as           D. which

24. This is the very place ______ I’m wishing to live in.

A. where           B. which        C. that          D. in which

25. Is it in that factory ______ “Red Flag” cars are made?

A. in which         B. where         C. that           D. which

26. I have bought the same dress ______ she is wearing.

A. as            B. that         C. which         D. than

27. Can you solve such problems ______ raised by the audience?

A. what were      B. as were       C. that were      D. which were

28. The reason ______ he didn’t come was ______ he was injured.

A. that, because     B. why, that      C. why, because   D. that, that

29. He must be from Africa, ______ can be seen from his skin.

A. that            B. as           C. it            D. what

30. His father died last year, ______ made it impossible for him to go abroad.

A. when           B. which        C. as            D. that

答案:21-25  BBBCC      26-30  ABBBB

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